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Analyzing Distributed Logon Token Cache Exception

Read carefully when you catch this error “ErrorCode<ERRCA0017>:SubStatus<ES0006>:There is a temporary failure.”, because in our case it was a misconfigured AD Kerberos Service Principal Name for the service account which runs the Distributed Caching Service. In that case you get the above mentioned error with at some point in the stacktrace the message “The target… Read More »

AppFabric DistributedCache check

Some Powershell examples of getting AppFabric Distributed Cache Instances. Work-in-progress article…   Basic Cluster Info:

CacheStatistics per CacheHost

CacheStatistics per NamedCache

    Very Basis Cache Cluster Info:

    Advanced CacheHost Status, where Distributed Cache resides on all SharePoint Front-End servers which do not host the Central Administration.

 … Read More »

Getting Use-CacheCluster to work on a SharePoint server without the AppFabric Distributed Cache Role/Component

You probably have encountered it already some time ago. You want to check the status of your Distributed Cache Cluster and you login to a back-end server where there is no Distributed Cache component. You open up Powershell and start with Use-CacheCluster. It fails. You failed. You need to login to a server which is… Read More »