New-SPMetadataServiceApplication hangs

By | 2016-08-16

This SharePoint Powershell command stalls: “New-SPMetadataServiceApplication”

Using the AutoSPInstaller script, the deployment hangs.
The script finally stalls with the following:

Provisioning Managed Metadata Service Application
Creating SharePoint Hosted Services Application Pool…
Starting Managed Metadata Service:
Starting Metadata Service Instance…
Waiting for Metadata service…Online
Creating Metadata Service Application…


ULS Log:

Blocking until timer job ‘—GUID—‘ has completed.


Get-SPTimerJob doesn’t give any result when referencing the mentioned GUID.

After an undetermined period of time, it finally errored out with:



Solved by a re-run after deleting the “half” created service application and adding/activating the Registry/Policy item DisableForceUnload.

Registry entry:




Manual GUI setting:
Local Group Policy Editor > Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles > “Do Not Forcefully Unload The Users Registry At User Logoff” > Enabled


Group Policy Filename:
UserProfiles.admx > “Do not forcefully unload the users registry at user logoff”


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