Monthly Archives: August 2016

New-SPMetadataServiceApplication hangs

This SharePoint Powershell command stalls: “New-SPMetadataServiceApplication” Using the AutoSPInstaller script, the deployment hangs. The script finally stalls with the following: Provisioning Managed Metadata Service Application Creating SharePoint Hosted Services Application Pool… Starting Managed Metadata Service: Starting Metadata Service Instance… Waiting for Metadata service…Online Creating Metadata Service Application…   ULS Log: Blocking until timer job ‘—GUID—‘… Read More »

Getting Use-CacheCluster to work on a SharePoint server without the AppFabric Distributed Cache Role/Component

You probably have encountered it already some time ago. You want to check the status of your Distributed Cache Cluster and you login to a back-end server where there is no Distributed Cache component. You open up Powershell and start with Use-CacheCluster. It fails. You failed. You need to login to a server which is… Read More »